West Colebrook Farm- A Hidden Gem

I was so thrilled when someone recommended Oriana and Joe as vendors. I had met Joe when he volunteered his time (and truck) to help Greenagers install raised garden beds for local families two years ago. When I heard he and his partner, Oriana, had started up a farm, I couldn’t wait to see it.

West Colebrook Farm sits on nearly 50 acres-some wooded and some already being used for everything from potato planting to cow grazing to horse training. Oriana and Joe are not horse trainers, but the former owners were and there are remnants of equestrian fanfare throughout the property. On the south end of the farm sits a big, beautiful barn. Renovated in the late 80’s, the barn features a red exterior, a beautiful white cupola and a window in the hayloft shaped almost like a honeycomb. There is even some beautiful, cedar and The stables were primarily for horses, but now the wide stalls house rams, ewes and newly birthed lambs. The hayloft is huge and Joe has plenty of space to store what he collects.

The house is big, to say the least. I joked with Oriana that they only heat a small apartment-sized portion of it during the winter. At least 150 years old, the white farmhouse has a big screened in porch and a well-kept garden winding around the side of the exterior. Along with another older barn, a chicken coop and lots of farming equipment, Oriana’s farm looks like a big operation for just two millenials. The potential is there for not only more production (they’re dying to get into cheese) but also the opportunity to be a teaching farm, offering educational and vocational programming along with a functioning business. The property is so beautiful, having kids there would just add to its magic.

The animals have plenty of space to live and thrive on the property, and this leads to delicious beef, pork and chicken products available at our market. We are so grateful to have these two nice people on board. Come visit West Colebrook Farm on Fridays!