Up the Creek

Driving to Cricket Creek Farm in Williamstown is therapeutic. Landscapes sprawling across the purview, and Mount Greylock looming overhead make it a journey worth making at least once a month. I took a nice spring drive (yes, it’s spring now no matter what anyone says) up to Cricket Creek Farm to meet Beth, their Operations Manager, and talk cheese.

Beth gave me a warm welcome and a lovely tour around their milking facility. They have over four different breeds and crossbreeds of dairy cows, and beef cows. That means over 200 acres of pasture is needed to make sure they all have what they need. Beth has only been working for Cricket Creek for over a year but cheese has been her passion for much longer. Before moving to the farmlands, she ran a cheese shop in Brooklyn for 7 years. When she and her husband got tired of the city life, her only requirement for a new home was- cheese. And she found it at Cricket Creek. She discussed all the different types of cheese they make, and how they age some of their flavors for up to two years in specific ‘aging rooms’.

Then we went outside into the Spring sun (yep, still Spring) and visited with the ladies. Some were pregnant and some had just given birth and were in that-as Beth called it- “what is happening to my body?” stage that some of us can relate to. As we talked, the girls streamed out one by one into the sun. They know it’s springtime too apparently.

Beth was sweet, the cows were sweet, and the calves were even sweeter. I stopped into the Farm Store on my way out and grabbed a garlic and herb round of Hillside.

Cricket Creek will be with us for at least the first month of the season offering various cheeses and grilling up sandwiches as well! We are so grateful and excited to have them on board! If you’re ever taking the beautiful drive up north, stop in and grab some aged perfection.