It's not just commerce, it's community!

It's Friday afternoon and you're headed home after a long week.  Stop in the farmers' market to have a goodie, meet new people, chat with friends and vendors, enjoy live music, and of course support your local farmers and makers.

Take time for yourself to learn how to build and care for a backyard raised vegetable bed from our Greenagers summer intern or walk the church's stone labyrinth. 

Unwind from the week and soak up all market day has to offer... Beautiful and tasty goods at a reasonable cost in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Bring a friend and share the love!

This year, we aim to host a community organization at every market! Don’t miss the chance to not only eat local, but learn what it means to BE local and be a part of our vibrant community. If you are part of an organization who would like to be represented at the market, let us know and we would love to see you under the tent!

The Sheffield Farmers' Market is a community market. It is YOUR market, and every time you shop at the market you are a part of something larger.  You are nourishing your body with our goods while nourishing the community we live in by protecting our local small farms, land, bees, and economy.  Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Labyrinth by the Labyrinth Company .jpg