Calendar of 2018 special events!


Lett'us Party June 22

Musicians Easy Ridin' Papas!

Come on down and Lett’Us Party! Fresh varieties of lettuce will “leaf you” speechless. Ted Dobson of Equinox Far will host a lettuce tasting, a green party for your taste buds. Meanwhile, children can enjoy a rare game of Lettuce Bowling or have their picture taken in the new Farmers’ Market face-hole picture board.


Zuke Fest July 20

Musician Berkshire Strings Fiddle Ensemble

All things squash will be featured along with kids activities.  Join the fun for all ages!


Corn Fest August 17

Musician Robert Oakes


        Let the corny puns begin!











Tomato Fest September 7

Musician Peter Schneider



























Join us for the love of all things tomato.  Gazpacho contest and more.